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Join the UAYBSFC

Why not join the UAYBSFC? It's fast, easy and free! Just fill out the form below and you are on your way! You must be at least 13 years of age to join the club. Also, we ask that minors (under 18-21, depending on their location) get permission from their parent or guardian before signing up.

Members are processed twice a week. If it's been more than a week since you signed up and you haven't received your welcome letter or any other response, odds are you gave us a faulty e-mail address. Check the Problem Forms page to see if you appear there, then go ahead and complete the signup form again.

All information that you provide will remain confidential. Membership information must be shared with DHI so that they can verify your membership for the members' discount. If you have providing a street address, DHI will add you to their mailing list for their newsletter; if you do not wish to be on DHI's mailing list, then DO NOT provide your mailing address.. For more information and operator contact information, please read the Privacy Statement (currently offline).

Personal Information (Required):

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. E-mail address (double-check it!):
4. Year of Birth (yyyy):
5. I certify that I am:
Not a minor
A minor (13 - 18/21) joining with parental/guardian consent

6. How did you learn about the UAYBSFC?
Minki (personally or website) Other AYBS? Website
Mailing List Forum/Chat/Canteen
Search Engine Media (Book/TV/Article, and tell us where!)
Word of Mouth Other (tell us!)

7. We've started an announcement e-mail list through for making announcements about club updates, new newsletters, and chat events. Would you like to be added to the list? Please note that this is NOT the club's discussion list--this is for UAYBSFC announcements only.

Yes (add me to the list)

No (do NOT add me to the list)

You can always sign up (or remove yourself later) from the E-Mail Lists page.

8. Should we ever need additional staff help, are you interested in becoming a UAYBSFC staff member? Please note that your answer does not obligate you in any way--it just lets us know who we should send the e-mail to first. You may change your answer at any time.
No (won't be contacted) Yes (will be contacted)
Maybe (will only be contacted if the position still open after we've contacted the Yes people)

Optional Information:

9a. Address Line 1:
9b. Address Line 2:
9c. Address Line 3:
10. City:
11. State/Province:
12. Zip/Postal Code:
13. Country:

14. Gender:
Not telling Female Male

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