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The club has two message boards for members to use. Post questions and comments, or reply to another fan's comments with these virtual message boards...

Delphi Forum
Our original message board is located at Delphi. Although it is a club-sponsored board, it is open to the public. It's a great place to meet other AYBS fans, chat, and you will find links to even more AYBS forums.

You will receive information about the Delphi forum and how to register with Delphi (it's fast and free!) when you sign up for the club. If you missed that e-mail, or want to check the club out first before you register, you can do so by going to

Yahoo Forum
The Yahoo forum is for club members only. After you sign up for the club, you will receive an invite for the Yahoo forum. This forum is another excellent place to talk with AYBS fans and explore other Britcom boards too! You will receive the instructions for accessing the Yahoo forum in your Yahoo Club invite. You will need to register with Yahoo to use the service (if you have a Yahoo e-mail, you're already registered with them!). If you joined the Yahoo club, you can access it at

If you need to receive the invite again (it only lasts for 7 days!), please send a note to Minki at

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